(audience applauding) He is, he is wildly outnumbered at home, honey, wildly outnumbered You're outnumbered 'cause you have a girl dog and a girl wife, but he's outnumbered by a lot, four? Yeah

Four girls? Four girls and you? I've got four girls, yep Sorry Mike, what are their age ranges? Well, I have a 22 year old, a 17, a 13, and an 11 Oh! Wow And I love my daughters so much, and you know– But they win in every argument though, right? They do

They are smart, right? Oh, man! You let them win Oh, man, they gonna make me let 'em win You're so outnumbered Yeah, and they, they expensive, you know (laughing) But I love 'em man

You know what, having daughters, you know, it taught me a lot about the respect of women Mhmm Because you know, when you're a man, and you have daughters, you just, you walk on your toes You're walking on eggshells everyday 'cause it's a reflection of whatever you are to your daughter That's right, that's right

However you treat a woman (applauding) Oh, look at that baby! Awww That's my granddaughter It's the granddaughter! That's your granddaughter? Yeah, that's my granddaughter Awww

Yeah, but that's That's a beautiful baby Yeah, her name is Skyler and she is a joy She's so funny and I love being with her Wait, she does not look uncomfortable in front of a camera either

Naw, she ready You're like the youngest grandpa I've ever seen I know, they call me Paw-Paw and– Awww And I don't know who they talking to I look, who is Paw-paw? Are you, are you, like are you a tough dad when the girls finally get suitors to come to the door? Like do you try to put the fear of God into 'em? Or are you just a big pushover? I would if I were you, if it was me

You're right, yeah, yeah, you know, I try to be respectful to the little guys because I always, I always remember how I was How scared, yeah You know, and I try to, I try to measure that because I said, "You know when I was a young guy, "I know who, how I was, so don't bring me in the house" (laughing) I tell my daughters, "Do not bring me in the house" Don't bring me home

Nope, because if he's anything like I am, yep, I'm gonna kill him (laughing) But, but know, I try to teach my daughters, you know, I say, "You know, if you're gonna date somebody, "make sure you find out who they momma is" Yes Learn That's great advice

You, you gotta meet a man's mother And how they treat you And how they treat their mother And how they treat their mother, right Yeah, yeah


Source: Youtube

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